Krystyna Jasinska

Rozmiar: 37663 bajtów
Was born in Katowice on a misty November day,near a smoky coal mine and a steelworks company. However, it was in the reighbourhood of vivid mountainous nature in Sucha Beskidzka that she spent her childhood. Colourful landscapes awoke in her an inner drive to preserve on canvas the old buildings she saw, such as churches, temples, huts, and country manors. It was an intimate desire to catch the passing moments. In 1965 Krystyna Jasińska graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, the Graphic Faculty in Katowice. She couducted her studies within the painter`s study group of Prof. Rafał Pomorski and the graphics` study group of Prof. Aleksander Rak. Her artistic output is very rich and her paintings are found in several museums and privte cillections all over Poland, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the USA. In the year 1996

Harald V, King of Norway, received Jasińska`s painting titled" Polish landscape" as a gift from the President of Poland.

Individual exhibitions : in Katowice, Bytom, Gliwice, Kraków, Tychy, Kępno, Stuttgart (Germany), Nuremberg (Germany), Adelajda (Australia),

Krystyna Jasińska participated in more than 45 plein-air-exhibitions (Warszawa, Katowice, Częstochowa, Chorzów, Tychy, Gliwice, Siemianowice Ślaskie, Inowrocław, Arnhem, Hague, Göteborg, South Carolina, Bukovec (Slovakia), Horna Łomna (The Czech Republic), Baranów, Kępno, Pruszcz Gdański.

She was often awarded and honoured for her artistic works, for instance she received The Jan Dutkiewicz`s Award.


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